Whether your business needs a completely new network backbone installed or just a new workstation; our professional installation services are right for you.

Technology in business has become increasingly complex with hardware, software and various applications. NUage Wireless can help insure your network not only meets your current needs but is scaled for tomorrow. Your company's technology investment should not be consumed through constant ad-hoc support but rather leveraged to insure innovation and growth through proactive support, maintenance and devices. With our extensive experience we will insure the best solutions and technologies are deployed to meet your infrastructure goals that support your organizational and business objectives.

Core Networking

Core networking services are the glue that binds networks, users, devices, and applications together. Whether you have a single site or a multi-site Wide Area Network, core network services are essential to building the core of your company. Today’s organizations require networks with near constant (99.999%) uptime and large amount of throughput plus reliable disaster recovery capabilities and internet resiliency – both inbound and outbound. NUage Wireless specializes in delivering the absolute best in core networking solutions. We design our networks to be built with both your budget and future growth in mind so your network can scale as your business grows.

Cloud Managed Network Monitoring

We all constantly rely on Internet and Cloud services for critical service and application delivery and business continuity. Your company's network; both internally and externally is complex and requires a 24x7 monitoring solution. NUage Wireless is your local expert for managing and monitoring your network from the desktop to the Cloud.

Merging Infrastructure

With the addition of voice, video, storage, and data all on the same network at the same time, you need an IT partner that understands the unique requirements necessary to your individual organization to design a network that can adapt to the ever changing workloads placed on it. Through our market leading vendor partnerships we can design a solution that is tailored to your specific networking needs.

Wireless Network Solutions

A fast and secure, wireless network is a critical business requirement in today's business world. Wireless networks provide live, wireless access to people, applications, and network resources across campuses, offices, and remote locations using a wide array of devices. NUage Wireless partners with several wireless vendors including Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, and Ruckus to ensure we find the required wireless solution for your organization's needs.

Video Surveillance

NUage Wireless partners with multiple local video surveillance companies to give your organization the best service possible. Our certified engineers are highly experienced in designing networked video surveillance infrastructure that supports video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management with access at any time and from any place. This enables real-time incident response, investigation and resolution. We understand the numerous business and technical requirements necessary to ensure video quality, reliable images, data compression for storage concerns, and scalability for future enhancements and business growth.

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