NUage Wireless VoIP services are part of a secure, reliable cloud communications platform that eliminates the need for expensive traditional phone service and hardware. With mobile apps, online meetings, and web management it’s more than a phone system, it’s complete business communications at its best. We can manage all of your business communications or assist your IT department to manage from their computer or mobile device from any location.

Cut your existing phone bill in HALF
Additional business features
No per-extension charges

Switching from a traditional phone system to an IP based system will already deliver significant call costs savings. Our easy and efficient deployment combined with simple day to day management is just the beginning. Our platform has the full range of features that modern businesses require today. Integrated video conferencing at no charge, Mobility Apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and a modern web client will deliver an enterprise-grade solution at a small business price.

Why Switch to VoIP?

Traditional phone systems utilize expensive equipment and unreliable phone lines. With traditional systems, each individual caller would require a dedicated phone line, resulting in a higher phone bill. In addition, it's harder to scale services using a traditional system due to the age of the equipment, the cost and time it takes to physically run additional lines.

With VoIP, you can enjoy the benefit of a lower total cost of ownership. Employees share a set number of calling routes, and services which can be scaled easily by making a phone call to our NOC or sending an email. In addition, our solution provided a rich set of enterprise features at no additional cost!

Why choose NUage Wireless?

Our VoIP services provide various sizes and types of businesses and organizations. We have the resources to bring your business into the new world of business phone service.

End-to-End Solutions

Whether you're looking to upgrade your old PBX server or install a completely new phone network, you've come to the right place. Our experience can provide your company with the correct course of action for your upgrade or new system specifications. We have partnered with the best companies in the industry to provide the most effective solution for your business!

Reliable and Customized Services

With utilizing top of the line hardware, partnering with top-tier data centers and the best software vendors our VoIP solutions have 99.999% uptime. Our NOC monitors and maintains our services and network. From our complete solutions or just a dedicated SIP trunk for your existing system; we've got you covered with the most reliable network.

Telephone Network Monitoring and Management

No matter the size of your business, your telephone network requires constant uptime and management. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24 x 7 x 365 management, maintenance, and support. The same level of support that we provide to our dedicated managed services is provided to our VoIP customers; and if that isn't enough we back it with our aggressive SLA.